Veg Chili Cheese Toast

Veg Chilli Cheese Toast, is a quick breakfast or snack recipe made from cheese, chilies, and some veggies spread on top. This is an Indian version of the Cheese Chili Toast made on Tawa. Oven and Air Fryer Instructions are also included. Here is a quick snack dish that you can prepare in less than... Continue Reading →


Falafel, a staple Middle Eastern dish—and a popular street food around the world—that consists of fried spiced balls or patties of ground chickpeas or fava beans (or a mixture of both) stuffed into a pita or wrapped in laffa bread with hot sauce, tahini sauce, and generally some saladlike combination of tomato, lettuce, onion with... Continue Reading →

Mendu Vada

Medu vada (ulundu vadai) is a traditional dish from South Indian cuisine served with coconut chutney and Sambhar as a popular breakfast in most of the Indian restaurants. This crispy deep fried snack is made from urad dal (black gram lentils) and a few basic spices like cumin seeds, black peppercorns, curry leaves and green... Continue Reading →

Palak Methi Thepla Or Paratha

Gujarati Methi Thepla, a must try lightly spiced paratha like Indian flat-bread is prepared from wheat flour, fenugreek leaves and other spices. The real secret of mouth-watering taste of methi theplas prepared with this recipe lies in making perfect dough, which has just right balance of spices and fenugreek leaves. The ginger-garlic adds nice little... Continue Reading →

Chili Cheese Chutney Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of my all the time favorite and quick snack to go. This sandwich recipe is little different than usual. Chutney chili cheese sandwich is the quickest and easiest recipe you can make with minimal amount of time and ingredients. Mumbai style Chilli Cheese Sandwich recipe - This is stuffed with cheesy mixture... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Cream Cheese Sandwich

Sandwiches are always favorites of everyone. I love all kind of sandwiches. I always have to think about what type of sandwiches should i make for my kids lunch or our snack time. I love all different versions of sandwiches. If you are looking for a fun sandwich recipe, this is one of the best... Continue Reading →

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi recipe | Gujrati Kadhi | How to make Guajarati kadhi with detailed photo and video recipe. simple and sweet curry recipe made with a combination of sour yoghurt and chickpea flour. there are many variations and types of kadhi recipe which changes as per the region or states. generally, the kadhi recipe is known... Continue Reading →

Moong Daal Vada

Moong Daal Vada or Daal Vada is very popular Gujarati snack. This is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This recipe is so simple yet so delicious. Gujarati Dal Vada is always the best recipe and only require minimum handful ingredients. These Moong Daal Vadas are so good and specially in rainy season they are perfect match with... Continue Reading →

Spinach Moong Daal Chilla

Spinach Moong Dal Chilla or Savory pancake is vegan, gluten-free and healthy protein packed recipe. If you are looking for healthy breakfast or brunch you need to try out this recipe. Moong Dal Chilla is a classic Indian breakfast dish that is enjoyed with pickles or chutneys. These Savory Green Gram Lentils Pancakes make for... Continue Reading →

Tomato Soup In Instant Pot

This simple, quick and easy recipe for homemade fresh tomato soup is perfect to make when tthe weather started chilly. In cozy winter nights this is delicious wintertime treat. A classic creamy tomato soup made in your Instant Pot or on the stove. Everyone loves a good tomato basil soup and this is the best tomato... Continue Reading →

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