Mumbai street food has always been my favorite. All Indian street food has my heart like chaats, sandwiches, pani puri or Bhelpuri. In sandwiches, all sandwiches are my most favorite but the very popular Mumbai Veg Grilled Sandwich is one of my favorite. I am writing everything detailed step by step with some main Ingredients.

Make this ultimate Veg Grilled Sandwich for a hearty, healthy and filling meal. Made with bread, butter, vegetables, chutney, cheese (optional) and ground spices, this is a super delicious and easy to make sandwich. You will find numerous versions of grilled sandwiches all over the world, with recipes varying by country & region.

About Grilled Sandwich!

While cheese is the main ingredient in the American & British versions, this Veg Grilled Sandwich can be made without that. A mix of boiled and raw vegetables form the base of the filling.

A spiced chutney also known as Sandwich chutney made with coriander leaves/ cilantro is used as a spread to enhance the flavor profile. Special spice powders known as chaat masala or sandwich masala are used for that special zing.

How to make Veg Grilled Sandwich?

Prepare Green Chutney!

The main ingredient in this is green chutney. You can always make this chutney ahead of time and refrigerator too. I like to make fresh green chutney for this. I have the perfect green chutney recipe for this. I have the perfect Green Chutney recipe. Click on this link to go for green chutney recipe.

Prepare Veggies & Sandwich

For Mumbai Veg Grilled Sandwich we need some fresh veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, boiled potatoes and steamed beetroot. Prepare veggies in slices round cut and in spices you can use chaat masala or sandwich masala.

For this sandwich cheese you can use mozzarella or amul India cheese.

You can use griller to make this sandwich. Or you can always use the stove top pan for this sandwich. I like my Hamilton beach griller for the sandwiches. It’s makes sandwich so crispy and ooey gooey.

⏰ Prep time : 10 minutes

👩‍🍳 Cook Time: 10 minutes

🍴Serving : 4 people

🍽️ Cuisine : Indian Street Food

✍️ Author: Shruti Naik


  • Butter
  • Bread slices
  • Mozzarella cheese or amul cheese
  • Chaat masala or sandwich masala
  • Green chutney
  • Round slice cut cucumber
  • Boiled potato
  • Slice cut tomatoes
  • Slice cut beetroot
  • Slice cut green pepper
  • Slice cut onions


  • Prepare the green chutney first. If you already have a green chutney you can use that. Green Chutney .
  • You can choose any brand of bread slice you want I have used Pepperidge farm butter bread which are so good and hold a good crisps.
  • Prepare the veggies like large tomatoes, onions, and cucumber. Cut these veggies in round slice cut. Boil 1 large potato and cut it into slice too.
  • Beetroot you can steam or just cut it without steam. In a spices use chaat masala or sandwich masala.
  • Take 2 slices of bread. Apply butter on both slice and apply Green chutney on one slice.
  • Assemble cucumber and sprinkle some chaat masala or sandwich masala. On top of that assemble tomatoes and boiled potatoes. Sprinkle again tha chaat masala.
  • Repeat the process with assembling beetroot and green pepper and sprinkle chaat masala. In last add some shredded cheese.
  • Cover this with other slice of bread. Apply butter on both side of bread and grill this in a griller or stove top.
  • Turn off when it turned out golden brown and crispy. Cut it from middle and serve this with green chutney and ketchup.