Idra is basically Gujarati white Dhokla which are made from rice and black gram(Urad) are quite healthy and contains right mix of carbohydrate and protein. Idra is soft and fluffy dhoklas that are good for snacks. Now, there are few ways, this delicacy is prepared. Traditionally, rice and black gram(Urad dal) is soaked overnight, grind next day, let it ferment for about 6-8 hours and steam.
I usually add Chana dal as well. Basically, Dhokla is made using Rice and Bengal Gram(Chana Dal), while Idra is made from Rice and Black Gram(Urad Dal) but I go ahead and mix all three, Rice, Urad dal and Chana Dal. If I want to make Idra, I don’t add Turmeric(Haldi) in it and If I want to make Dhokla, I add pinch of Turmeric to get Dhokla look…so much cheating here..right? But It is hard to manage too many stuff, so I just try to keep it simple.

If you already make Idli, then you can use Idli mix to prepare Idra. You can make this Idra from your Idli batter too. I always make little extra batter for this Idra or Dhokla. If you add turmeric, ginger chili paste into it, it turned out so good. they are perfect for kids lunchbox as well. I have detailed recipe for this Idra batter and how to make it.

The softest and spongiest white dhokla or iddra is the famous snack from the city of Surat in Gujrat. This dhokla is a little sour in taste due to the fermented batter. A small quantity of sour curd also works at its best. This is an all-time favorite snack there which can be enjoyed at any course. An easy dhokla to make at home and also widely available at farsaan shops tastes best with tangy green chutney.

To make this khatta dhokla, we have to follow two procedures. Firstly we need a rice-dal batter which should be well fermented for 4-5 hours. This batter is steamed in a steamer till perfection and a tadka of few whole spices and sesame seeds take their taste to the next level. This white dhokla/iddra is healthy and light on stomach because of the natural fermentation of the batter and its steamed cooking method.

Let’s start making this tasty-fluffy khatta-white dhokla with me by soaking and grinding the rice-lentil batter

Prep time – 8 hrs
Cook time – 20 minutes
Course – Breakfast, evening snack
Cuisine – Surat(Gujarat)

AuthorShruti Naik


●. Short grain rice/Sona Masuri – 3 cup
● Split/ Dhuli urad dal – 1 cup
● Water for washing and soaking rice and dal – as required
● Salt – To taste
● Black Pepper Powder
●. Methi/fenugreek seeds – 1/4 tsp(a pinch).
● Salt – To tast
● Fruit Salt or Eno
●. 1/4 cup of chana dal
●. Tadka- oil, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves , cilantro


1- Firstly, wash and soak rice, urad dal, chana dal and methi seeds for 4 hours. Also, soak poha for 10 minutes before grinding (urad dal and methi dana make the batter fluffy)

2- Grind rice, dal, and poha together coarsely(with a bite). Transfer the batter to another vessel and keep for fermentation for 4-5 hours or overnight

3- After fermentation add salt to the batter, add water only if needed. Mix the batter and add fruit salt and stir immediately.

4- Prepare dhokla steamer and pour the batter. you can always grease oil to the plate. pour the batter, sprinkle black pepper powder and let it steam for 20 minutes.

5- Once it steamed prepare the tadka for it. Add oil in a small pan. add mustard seeds, when it starting spluttering add cumin seeds and asafetida. You can add chopped green chilies too.

6. Add chopped cilantro and pour tadka on it. Cut Idra in diamond shape. Serve Idra with green chutney and with cup of kadak masala tea.