Undhiyu, a traditional Gujarati curry prepared with many fresh vegetable with some flavored spices, is a must have item on festivals like Uttarayan (kite flying festival), Diwali, etc. and special occasions like marriage parties. This deliciously rich curry is usually enjoyed in winter as veggies like fenugreek leaves, surti papadi and tuvar lilva are required to prepare this curry and they are easily available only during winter.In different parts of Gujarat, it is prepared in different way; Surti style, Kathiyawadi style and Matla Undhiyu are three popular variations of it.

In Surti Undhiyu, vegetables like brinjal, potato, raw banana etc, are stuffed with the masala made of coconut, peanut, etc. In Kathiyawadi Undhiyu, vegetables are not stuffed but its masala is little spicier than other styles. In Matla Undhiyu which is very popular in South Gujarat, vegetables are steam cooked in traditional Matla (clay pot) instead of pressure cooker and is known as Umbadiyu.

I have made this Surti style undhiyu which is so easy to make and super tasty. Some people like to add Methi Muthiya into this. I don’t like to do I haven’t use this in this recipe.This recipe requires so many different kinds vegetables and it’s spiced with flavorful all types of spices.

✅ Preparation Time: 30 minutes

👩‍🍳Cooking Time: 30 minutes

🍴Serves: 4 servings

🍽 Cuisine : Gujarati Main Course


For Masala:

crushed peanuts

– sesame seeds

– cilantro – green garlic – salt – cashew- raisin- coconut (optional)- ginger chili paste – garlic paste – oil – garam masala or undhiyu masala – sugar – oil

Vegetables For Undhiyu:

Surti Papdi, lilva – baby potato – small eggplants – yam (ratalu)- sweet potato – banana – oil – Carom seeds – asafetida – turmeric – baking soda pinch of – salt

Method:For Masala:

1. In a mixing bowl take crushed peanuts, coconut, sesame seeds. Add all dry spices like turmeric, garam masala or undhiyu masala, salt as per taste, sugar, raisin, cashews, cilantro, garlic paste, ginger chili paste, cumin coriander powder.

2. Add oil and mix all the masala. Take some masala for brinjal or baby eggplant filling. For that take few baby eggplants, wash it nicely and cut them from middle and fill Masala into this and keep aside.

3. In a pressure cooker or instant pot add some oil. Add carom seeds. When carom seeds starts splattering add asafetida and turmeric.

4. Add Surti papdi and lilva. Sauté it for few minutes and add pinch of baking soda. Baking soda helps to prevent the green color. 

5. Add all cut veggies like baby potatoes, yam and sweet potato. Give a good stir. Add the prepared masala and mix all veggies and masala together nicely. 

6. Add 1//2 cup of water or as per your quantity. Now put the filled baby eggplants into this. Do not mix now and close the lid.

7. Cook this with 2 or 3 whistle. When it’s cool down open the lid add ripe cut banana and close again. Let it simmer for few minutes. When you are about to have lunch or dinner before that open the lid and garnish with green garlic and cilantro. 

8. Serve this with Shrikhand and puri. Leave some comments if you like my recipes.