Vati Dal Na Khaman is a tempting dhokla made from soaked and crushed chana dal (lentils). Vati dal means soaked and crushed lentils (vateli dal). Generally when people try to make this traditional Gujarati snack at home, it does not come out fluffy and soft. The secret of making them soft and fluffy lies in preparing perfect batter and using right amount of eno fruit salt (baking soda or sodium bicarbonate). With carefully measured ingredients of this recipe, you can very easily make fluffy and mouth watering dhokla at home.

Khaman is very popular in Gujarat. There are two types of Khaman, the one you can make instant from the Gram flour and the second you can make from soaked Chana Dal. This Vati Dal Na Khaman is very popular in Surat, Gujrat. It’s easy to make and it’s so delicious when you pour the Tadka the whole aroma is Drool Worthy.

In my family when it’s weekend Surti Khaman or Surti locho is must for breakfast or brunch. Khaman is served with nylon sev and on side onion and chili. You won’t miss this most delicious recipe. If you have the perfect measurement your result will be amazing.

☑️Prepare Time: 8 hours

👩‍🍳 Cook Time: 20 minutes

🍽 Servings : 4 person

🍴Cuisine: Gujarati Snack

✍️ Author: Shruti Naik

Ingredients: – 2 cups of chana dal –

1/3 cup of urad dal

2 tbsp of rice

3 to 4 chilies

– small piece of ginger

– salt as per taste –


– turmeric

-oil –

-mustard seeds-

-chilies for tadka

– cilantro

– asafetida

-fruit salt (or baking soda)


:1. Soak the Chana dal, rice and urad dal for 4 to 5 hours. After 4 to 5 hours crush the Chana dal with some yogurt and ginger chili.
2. The batter should be thick and not too smooth. Let the batter be fermented for 8 hours. 3. After 8 hours of fermentation add turmeric and salt as per taste. Mix it well. Prepare the steamer before you add the fruit salt.
4. Add the pinch of fruit salt and stir immediately. Pour immediately into the Dhokla plate and cover it. Let it cook for 20 minutes.
5. Let it cool down and the cut it into shape. Prepare tadka. Heat oil and add mustard seeds when it started popping add cut jalapeños and add asafetida.

6. Before you pour the tadka on Khaman add cilantro on Khaman, and pour tadka on Khaman.
7. Serve it with chutney, sev and onion with some hot tea.