Surti Sev Khamani is a typical snack item popular among the Gujarati community. Here in the surat city, we call it farsan (namkeen). However, the snack item is not namkeen (salty), but it is mildly sweet. Moreover, it is tummy filling.

Just a small dish can make you skip your lunch and dinner. Hence, if you are in surat and wanna try Sev Khamani for the first time, be gentle & slow. Don’t forget to find a couch because you will feel sleepy.

Okay, now why it is called Surti Sev Khamani and not amdavadi or bhavnagri khamani. Surat is known as food city. You can’t leave surat without having amazing dishes. Sev khamani is one of them and once you will taste it you will want it again and again.

Surat is famous for diamond, sarees & food and nowadays also for flyovers. IMO the city is home to countless unique recipes. Surti ghari, mix veg Undhiyu, Shak Dhokli, papdi Muthiya, guvar dhokli are a few to name. And Surti Sev Khamani is one of them.

Since this dish is an integral part of the heavenly surti food, we call it Surti Sev Khamani. It was initially discovered in surat by the people of surat and for the people of surat. But now it is famous worldwide because of the Gujaratis across the globe. There are so many dishes which are discovered in surat by the surtis and that’s why many of dishes call by surti.

This Surti Sev Khamani is not that hard to make. Once you will learn you will like to make it again and again. It can make in just 30 minutes. There two ways to make this surti khamani. I have made this copycat of Madhi Surti Khamani.

✅ Prep Time: 30 minutes

⏰ Cook Time: 30 minutes

🍴 Cuisine: Gujarati Snack, Appetizer

🍽 Serve : 4

✍ Author : Shruti Naik


▪️2 cups of chana dal

▪️ginger garlic paste

▪️green chili paste

▪️curry leaves

▪️salt as per taste



▪️eno (Fruit salt)

▪️Green garlic if available



▪️mustard seeds



1. Soak Chana Dal for 3 to 4 hours. Once it’s soaked properly, crush the chana dal in any blender. I used my @vitamix blender. Do not add too much water. Crush chana dal by adding very less water. Once its blend smooth take it out in a bowl.  

2. Let it rest for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes add turmeric, asafetida and whisk for 2 minutes. In a mean time In a sauce pan or pan add 4 tbsp of oil. Let the oil heat up. Add fruit salt (eno) in the chana dal batter. Eno helps to make the batter light and fluffy.

3. When oil is ready add the batter. Now very carefully stir until it blend with oil. I prefer to use non stick PAN. Add salt as per taste. Cover it and cook it on small medium flame. You will see the chana dal getting fluffy and the quantity will be double after it started cooking.

4. After 10 minutes add 1/3 cup of water into this. And cover it and cook it. Many people like to use milk. I don’t use milk and the stall vendor they also don’t use milk. Let it cook for another 10 miutes.

5. After 10 minutes you will see dal is completely cooked. Add 2 tbsp of sugar and turn off the flame and take it off from stove top.

6. In a small sauce pan add 2 tbsp od oil, add mustard seeds, asafetida, curry leaves. Add ginger garlic green chili paste ( i grind all these together and make a paste). Saute this spices for 2 minutes on small flame.

7. Add green garlic if available and cilantro into this. Add 1/3 cup water into this too. Now add this spicy tempered oil into the khamani. Mix it so well. Add water if needed. And serve it hot.

8. You can serve it with green chutney. Serve this Surti Sev Khamani warm garnish with sev, pomegranate seeds. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. IF you try any of my recipes please leave comments, it will really help me to go forward.