Gujarati Kadhi recipe | Gujrati Kadhi | How to make Guajarati kadhi with detailed photo and video recipe. simple and sweet curry recipe made with a combination of sour yoghurt and chickpea flour. there are many variations and types of kadhi recipe which changes as per the region or states. generally, the kadhi recipe is known for its sour and spicy taste combo, but this recipe has an extra sweetness to offer.

To all those who do not know, Kadhi is a yogurt-based gravy dish to which gram flour (besan) is added, tempered and then simmered with spices. The addition of gram flour helps to thicken and also prevents the curd from separating or splitting while cooking. It also adds a creamy consistency.To make this Gujarati kadhi you can use fresh yogurt or sour yogurt. I would recommend to use homemade Yogurt the best taste.

This Kadhi is specially prepared during Lagna(Gujarati wedding). The only difference between our everyday Gujarati Kadhi and this Lagna Kadhi is few ingredients and thickness. During Lagna, cook add banana into this Kadhi and also add cinnamon sticks, cloves and lot of other whole spices. In everyday Kadhi, we add some healthy roots such as Turmeric(pili haldi), ginger, mango ginger(known as amba haldi), pigeon(tuvar dana-if desired) and some other ingredients. To me, they are equally delicious.

The Gujarati kadhi is a light dish, but the Punjabi kadhi pakora is not a light one. It can be a bit heavy if you have too much of it. What with all the pakoras simmered in the thick yogurt gravy 🙂

This is a quick recipe and within 20 to 25 minutes your Gujarati kadhi will be ready. There are no pakoras in this recipe. But if you want you can add some pakoras or boondi to the kadhi.

The kadhi is excellent with basmati rice or soft Phulks with a side of vegetable dish, salad and pickle.

Vegans can make it with almond yogurt ot cashew yogurt. But just simmer the kadhi on low heat till you get the desired consistency. Don’t boil the kadhi while using plant based yogurt as then the curd can separate or curdle.

How to make Gujarati Kadhi

Kadhi Masala Paste:

I usually use following ingredients to prepare my Kadhi Masala Paste but you can add/omit ingredients as per your perefernce.

Take 1 piece of ginger, 2 to 3 pieces of white turmeric, take 3/4 cup of pigeon peas (Tuver Dana), curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and green chilies in a blender jar. Blend all these ingredients and make a paste.

1. In a mixing bowl take 1 cup of yogurt. Add 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup of gram flour according to your thickness.

2. Mix this and make sure there is no lumps. Add 1 cup of water, kadhi masala paste and salt to taste.

3. Put it on medium heat to boil with stirring continuously. Don’t forget to stir otherwise yogurt will curdle and kadhi will overflow while cooking. When it comes to a boil lower the heat to simmer and prepare the tempering. 

4. Add sugar into this and keep stirring. Note: Always add sugar in last.

5.Heat the ghee or oil in a small pan. Once hot add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Let them sizzle. 

6. Then add dry red chili, cinnamon stick, cloves. After a few seconds, you will get a nice fragrance from whole spices. Add curry leaves and asafoetida.

7. Add this seasoning to the kadhi. Stir well. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes so raw taste and smell of besan goes away.

8. Now add cilantro.

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