Moong Daal Vada or Daal Vada is very popular Gujarati snack. This is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This recipe is so simple yet so delicious. Gujarati Dal Vada is always the best recipe and only require minimum handful ingredients.

These Moong Daal Vadas are so good and specially in rainy season they are perfect match with one cup of masala chai. Either it’s rainy days or not my husband loves this Daal Vada so anytime I get request to make this. And I always prepare on same day too because it doesn’t require any lengthy process.

This Gujarati snack is best enjoyed during the rainy season with sliced onions and fried green chilies on the side and of course a hot cup of tea. This makes a truly delicious appetizer for small get-together, party or any occasion in between.

Gujarati Moong Dal Vada Recipe

This moong dal vada is so popular all over Gujarat, especially in Ahmedabad. You will see many street vendors selling them. They give you the hot, fried dalwada wrapped into the newspaper. Those are so addictive that I can’t stop eating them.

After I moved in here it’s so hard to get every street food here. So I started making at home and trust me this recipe has much much batter taste than vendor.

This Gujarati dal Vada recipe I have made of split green moong dal and yellow moong dal. These crispy dal vada are perfect for entertaining. They are best eaten hot so you get the best of that crispy outside goodness, but they taste just as great at room temperature too. While the outer layer won’t be as crispy, but they’ll be still addictive and flavorful.

How to make this moong Daal Vada?

1. Measure and take 1 cup of green split moong Daal ( with skin ) and 1 cup of yellow moong Daal. Wash them well. And soak these daals for 5 hours.

2. After hours drain the water. Rinse the dal and by your hand rinse it well. Drain excess water.

3. Transfer the dal into food processor or grinder. Do not add water and grind this dal. Do not grind too much. The batter should be coarse. When you get the perfect batter transfer it into a mixing bowl.

4. Add all the spices like fennel seeds, chopped onions, cilantro, salt to taste, chopped green chilies, curry leaves and turmeric. Mix all the ingredients.

5. Add baking soda and mix the batter. You can skip this part as well. Heat the oil to fry this dal vada. Deep fry the vadas until it turned golden crispy.

6. Take out the vadas into serving plate and serve this with onions and green chilies with peanut and cilantro chutney. Trust me you will fall in love with this recipe.

Moong Daal Vada Recipe: 

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Moong dal vada recipe, simply the best and so addicting. This Gujarati dalwada tastes best with sliced onions and fried green chilies.

✍️ Author : Shruti Naik 

Cuisine : Gujarati snack 

Course : appetizer or snack 

🍴Serving: 4 people

✅ Ingredients:

▪️1 cup of green split moong dal and 1 cup of yellow Moong dal 

▪️ ginger chili paste 

▪️fennel seeds 

▪️curry leaves


▪️chopped onions

chopped green chilies 

▪️salt to taste

▪️cumin seeds 


▪️baking soda


➡️ Method:

  • Wash the dal under running cold water till water runs clear. Rinse them in a bowl 3-4 times or till the water is not cloudy anymore.
  • Soak in enough water for 4-5 hours. Water should be 2-3 inches above the dal.
  • After the soaking time, rub the dal between your fingers, so most of the skin will come off.
  • Keep rubbing and massaging till 70% of the skin is came off the dal.
  • Now drain the water and skin will float on top, remove that too.
  • You can see now that very few dal has skin.
  • Take drained dal in a food processor. Add green chilies, ginger. Do not add water. 
  • Grind it into a thick, coarse paste. NOTE: Do not add too much water because we need a really thick batter.
  • Remove the batter in a bowl, add salt, chopped onions, cilantro, curry leaves, fennel seeds, cumin seeds. 10. Mix and stir vigorously so the batter becomes light and fluffy. This makes light and spongy dal vada without adding any baking soda.
  •  While you are stirring the batter, heat the oil for deep frying on medium heat. Once hot add a spoonful of batter by using a large spoon or your hand.
  • Keep moving and frying till they are crispy and golden brown from all the sides. Remove it to a paper towel-lined.