Chole Bhature or Chana Bhatura is one of the most popular, tempting and flavorful dishes from Punjabi Cuisine. The union of Chickpea Curry and Fried Flatbreads is known as Chole Bhature.

The combination of ‘Chickpea Curry’ and ‘Fried Flatbreads’ is known as ‘Chole Bhature’, which is one of the most preferred breakfast or snack in the Northern parts of India. But this can also be served as lunch or dinner.

This is the perfect recipe which you can easily make at home. The recipe shared here will yield you a very delicious and flavorful curry that is moderately spicy. 

Most times I choose to cook up faster meals so we eat this with basmati rice or jeera rice. Sometimes for the weekend brunch I also make this chana masala with poori.

What is Chole ? How to make The perfect Chole ? 

The first step to make chhole maslaa  starts by soaking the chickpeas overnight. Then pressure cooking them until tender.

The base of this curry is made by roasting onions and tomatoes first. This roasting step completely elevates the taste of this chana masala. 

Then the mixture is blended and cooked with spices to make the gravy. Lastly precooked chana is simmered in the curry.

What is special about this Chole Masala ?

Yes this chana masala tastes extremely delicious. The roasted & pureed onion tomato masala brings in a unique flavor, texture & taste to the gravy. This step will not take any additional time as it can be done while you pressure cook the chana.

If you do not like chunky curries then you will love this. 

This is kids’ friendly recipe as it is not the very spicy kind.

You can split the recipe and make the onion tomato masala ahead and refrigerate.

Which spice powder or garam masala to use?

I use a homemade garam masala but you can use any that is aromatic. You can also use readymade chole masala if you have one. But the recipe as such does not require chole masala it just needs an aromatic garam masala.

If you do not have both, just go ahead using a curry powder. However the flavor will not be the same.

Reduce or skip red chilli powder if your readymade powder already has chilli in it.

For garam masala:

– clove, cardamom, black pepper , bay leave, whole cumin seeds, whole coriander seeds, fennel seeds. 

– Roast all spices and let it cool down. And blend it in a blender and it’s ready to use. Store it in an air tight container. 

What is Bhatura ? 

Bhatura is a fluffy fried bread. You will see the different size and flavor of bhature from restaurants to restaurants. In my recipe may be you won’t find that oily Bhatura because I have made this so perfect.

✅ Prep Time : 30 minutes 

👩‍🍳Cook Time : 10 minutes 

🍽️ Cuisine : North Indian Food 

🍴Course : Main course 

✍️ Author : Shruti Naik


▪️2 cups of chickpea

▪️ginger garlic paste 

▪️slit green chilies 

▪️chopped onions 

▪️tomato purée 

▪️garam Masala 

▪️red chili powder 

▪️whole dry spices Clove, cardamom, black pepper, bay leaf and tea leaves 

▪️salt to taste 


▪️cumin coriander powder 

➡️ Bhatura Ingredients:

▪️2 cups of all purpose flour 

▪️2 tbsp of sooji 

▪️1 tsp of baking powder 

▪️1 tsp of sugar 

▪️2 tbsp of oil 

▪️1/2 cup of yogurt 

▪️salt to taste 

➡️ How to Make Chole? 

1. Take 2 cups of chickpea and wash it. Soak it for 6 hours. After 6 hours rinse and drain chickpeas. In a small cloth add some whole spices like clove, black cardamom, bay leaf and tea leaves and cinnamon. 

2. Tie this And put in instant pot or pressure cooker and cook this chana by adding some salt and baking powder. 

3. In a pan add some oil. Add ginger garlic paste and chopped onions. Add slit green chilies and sauté it for few minutes. 

4. Add tomato purée and let it cook for 2 -3 minutes. When it’s done add all spices like garam maslaa, red chili powder, turmeric. Cook this spices for few seconds. 

5. Add cooked chana and the saved water of cooked chana. Add salt and kasoori Methi. Let it simmer for few minutes and when it’s done turn off the flame. 

6. Garnish with slit ginger and green chili and serve with hot bhature. 

➡️ Method of Bhature!! 

▪️Take 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 tbsp of sooji 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of baking powder, salt to taste, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 2 tbsp of oil. Mix all the ingredients.

▪️knead the dough soft by adding water. When the dough knead well, smoothen it with oil and cover it with wet cloth for 20 minutes. 

▪️after 20 minutes knead the dough again and make small medium size of dough. Roll the bhatura in oval shape and deep fry them. 

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