Kaju Katli is a very delicious Indian sweet which can be made in every occasions. In Diwali festival this sweet is must in my family. Kaju Katli or Kaju Burfi is a fudge made of cashews. It’s one of the most popular Indian sweets and probably the most gifted one during Diwali!

Kaju Katli means Cashew fudge. This Indian sweet is so easy to make. You just need to keep in mind some steps and you can easily make this fudge under 30 minutes. 

What is Kaju Katli?

Kaju katli is one of the most popular Indian Sweets (mithai) that is made or bought for the Diwali celebration. Here kaju=cashews and katli=thin slices. Even though the slices are not thick like burfi pieces (fudge), it is also known as kaju barfi or burfi.

During the Diwali festival, people do a giveaway a box of kaju katli as a gift to their family, friends and loved ones because it is considered the one of the expensive and royal sweet.

Why This Recipe is So Good?

  1. This is so easy to make and without fail recipe.
  2. Everyone loves this recipe. 
  3. This recipe is so perfect have a perfect texture, easily melt in mouth.
  4. perfect for armature cook. 


Cashews: Kaju means Cashews. so cashews are main ingredients in this. You can choose big size of cashews. Crush this in pulse in a fine Powder.

Sugar: Sugar syrup is the another ingredient for this Cashew fudge. This Fudge or Kaju Katli is made in this sugar syrup.

Milk Powder: Milk powder is totally optional. Not everyone is using. Adding 2 tbsp of milk powder can enhance the texture of this Kaju Katli.

Cardamom Powder: For a good flavor.

Ghee: In this recipe we use minimum of ghee only 1 tbsp of ghee compare to other Indian Sweets.


  1. Take proper measurement of cashews or 2 cups of cashews. I prefer to use room temperature cashews. If you are using cashews from fridge. Take them out couple of hours early before you start the process. 
  2. Transfer this Cashews into food processor. Grind this by using the pulse button so you can get the dry cashew powder. This is the most important method in this Kaju Katli. Making a fine powder by grinding in pulse is the most important part of this method. Make sure to grind in pulse because we need dry powder for this.

Sugar Syrup for Kaju Katli process:

  1. Take one cup of sugar and half cup of water. We don’t need 1:1 ratio for this syrup. we need boil this syrup until we get 1 string. 
  2. When you get 1 string of this syrup add cashews immediately. Stir continually. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan. I recommend to use Non-Stick pan.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of ghee, 1 tsp of cardamom powder. Keep stirring this.
  4. The main part of this continuous stirring. You need to stir this until we get the soft dough. 
  5. You can check the dough by taking the small portion in your hand. If it rolls without sticking you get the perfect consistency of dough. 
  6. Once it is cool to handle, grease your hand with ghee and knead it two-three times.
  7. make a smooth dough. DO NOT over-knead it.
  8. Now take a big piece of parchment paper. Put the dough ball on it and using your hand start patting and make a thick round patty. So now it will be easier to roll. Cover the dough with another piece of parchment paper and start rolling. The thickness should be ¼ inch to ⅓ inch. Do not roll it too thin. The circle was approx. 10-12 inches in diameter. IMPORTANT NOTE: do the kneading and rolling job while the dough is still warm. If it gets cool, it will start to set and becomes hard to roll.
  9. You can topped the edilble silver – leaf or Chandi Varak. You can totally avoid this too. This is not Vegan so make sure before you use. I have one the vegetarian so i have used this.
  10. Cut the pieces into diamond shape. Store this in air tight container and refrigerate it.
Kaju Katli